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Verdicts and Settlements

Personal Injury Attorney Nick Lowe is experienced and successful in achieving the maximum compensation for his injured clients.

The cases set forth below are just a few of the results he has achieved for his clients. The results set forth are based on the facts of each particular case and results will differ from case to case. None of the information constitutes a promise or guarantee of any kind. Please contact our offices for an evaluation of your case.

Automobile Accident

Description: The plaintiff was 40 years of age when he was struck by his vehicle being driven by his girlfriend. She was extremely intoxicated, as was the plaintiff. Suit was filed against the girlfriend and coverage was found under the plaintiff’s automobile policy and comprehensive general liability policy. The plaintiff sustained catastrophic injuries, including the inability to intake food orally, the inability to speak, and paralysis in both legs and one arm. The case resulted in a settlement of $5,850,000.00, which was paid. After satisfying liens and attorney’s fees and costs, the plaintiff received a sum of cash and the remainder was used to purchase an annuity contract that pays the plaintiff $25,000.00 per month per life, tax free.

Outcome: $5,850,000.00


Premises Liability

Description: A family of two adults and two children under the ages of 7 resided in an apartment complex. Two bedrooms were upstairs and the kitchen and living room area were located downstairs. The children got up early one morning and went downstairs to watch TV. One of the children lit some newspapers on fire with a lighter that had been left on the coffee table. As the fire increased in intensity, the children ran upstairs to hide knowing that they had done something wrong. When the parents finally awakened, the downstairs was engulfed in flames. Each parent grabbed one of the young children and ran down the stairs into a room filled with black smoke and flames. The father successfully exited the building with one child, however, the mother dropped the child she was carrying downstairs. She was able to exit the building. The father rushed back in to locate the baby who had been left behind, but was unable to find him. He died in the fire and the mother, father and surviving daughter were severely burned. An action was brought against the apartment complex for failing to have a functioning smoke alarm system. There was no settlement offer on the case and it was tried to jury conclusion. The jury awarded approximately $3 million dollars, which was ultimately paid.

Outcome: $3,000,000.00


Forklift Accident

Description: The decedent was operating a forklift which was not equipped with a seatbelt. While operating the forklift, it tipped over and killed him. He was survived by his wife and two children. Suit was brought against the manufacturer of the forklift and a settlement was reached of $1.5 million, which was paid.

Outcome: $$1,500,000.00


Trucking Accident

Description: The decedent was a big rig truck driver who was struck head-on by another big rig resulting in his death. The adverse driver fell asleep at the wheel of the 18-wheel truck and drifted across the centerline, striking the decedent head-on. The adverse driver had falsified her driving log to cover up the fact that she was exceeding the number of hours per week that are permissible to drive. The decedent left surviving a wife of two months, together with two small children under the age of five. The case resulted in a settlement of $1.5 million which was satisfied

Outcome: $1,500,000.00


Rear End Car Accident

Description: The plaintiff was in her early forties when her vehicle was rear-ended on the freeway. Less than $2,000.00 worth of damage was sustained by her pick-up truck. The plaintiff sustained an injury to her neck which resulted in a cervical fusion. The fusion became unstable and a second surgery was necessary to reinforce the previous fusion with instrumentation. The case was resolved by way of a binding arbitration. The offer was $150,000.00 and the binding arbitration award was $459,525.00. The award was satisfied.

Outcome: $459,525.00


Auto Accident/Neck Injury

Description: The plaintiff was in his mid-forties and had worked as a hod carrier for most of his adult working life. His vehicle was rear-ended at moderate speed. He sustained an injury to his neck which resulted in a cervical fusion. The case was settled for $382,500.00.

Outcome: $382,500.00


Defective Product

Description: The plaintiff owned a motorcycle which had mechanical problems. An associate of the plaintiff was using an allen wrench to loosen a sprocket. The plaintiff was holding the wheel so it would not rotate as pressure was applied to the allen wrench. The allen wrench fractured and a piece of metal flew into the plaintiff’s eye. The plaintiff lost much of the vision in his right eye. The case resulted in a settlement of $160,000.00, which was paid.

Outcome: $160,000.00


Automobile Accident

Description: The plaintiff was a single mother in her mid-twenties whose vehicle was rear-ended at approximately 45 miles per hour. She sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck and back. She underwent physical therapy and chiropractic treatment without significant success in resolving her injuries. There was a settlement offer of $7,500.00 and the jury returned a verdict of $100,000.00 The verdict was satisfied.

Outcome: $100,000.00


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