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The Qualities To Look For When Retaining An Attorney For A Personal Injury Case

Interviewer: If you’re injured in an accident; what would you look for in an attorney? How does someone know if they’re speaking to the right person and they should work with or not?

Nicholas Lowe: If I went and met with an attorney for the first time, I would ask myself do I communicate well with this person, when I tell him A, B and C, did he hear me?  If he gives an explanation of something and I have no idea what he said, that’s not a good fit for me. I would want somebody who communicates well with me. Number 2, I would want somebody with experience.  I think the public has a misconception that every attorney tries jury trials and that’s not true.

It is Important to Retain an Attorney With Extensive Jury Trial Experience

There’s a small percentage of people who try jury tries and a large percentage of people who just settle the cases.  So, as a client, I would ask what is your trial experience, how often do you go to trial, have you had some good awards, tell me your story in the courtroom. I would want to know that the attorney could finance the case; can they afford to spend $100,000 in costs if the case warrants that, can they afford to spend $10,000 on the case if the case warrants that?  If you are in an office that does not appear to be able to finance it, then that attorney will not work up and fully develop the case.

It Wouldn’t Be Very Prudent of An Attorney to Take a Case that They Couldn’t Finance

Interviewer: Wouldn’t it be unethical for an attorney to say, “Yes, I can finance the case”, but not being able to?

Nicholas Lowe: It wouldn’t be good business but those attorneys perhaps make bad decisions at times. I can’t speak for all attorneys, I can just tell you that there’s some out there who take cases, who are lazy, who don’t work them up, who don’t have the money to invest in the case and at the end, they don’t take good care of their clients. So, from a client’s standpoint, I would want an attorney that puts my interest ahead of his or her interest.

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