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Sacramento Bus Accident Attorney

For many people public transportation is their only means of getting to and from their locations. People take the bus for many reasons, including financial, environmental, and to prevent wear and tear on their own vehicles. For bus passengers, the ride may be frightening and dangerous, with the driver speeding and illegally running red lights to keep the trips on schedule. Passengers and non-passengers, including bicyclists, pedestrians, and other motorists are at risk when a bus driver operates the vehicle recklessly.

In the event of a bus-related accident, the operator of the bus, the owner of the bus, and any other drivers involved in the accident can be held liable for your injuries and any damages to your vehicle. In a situation where a car is parked illegally and causes a bus accident, the owner of that car may be legally responsible for any damages.

If you were a passenger of a bus that was involved in an accident you have certain privileges that non-passengers do not. The bus company is supposed to provide you with safe and reliable transportation to your destination. The bus company must think of the passengers safety at all times and is responsible for any injury or mishap that occurs while on the bus.

Attorney Nick Lowe has been protecting the rights of seriously injured victims and their families throughout the Sacramento area since 1992. He has vast knowledge in all areas of personal injury law, including accidents, wrongful death, product liability and premises liability. Attorney Lowe has recovered substantial settlements for seriously injured clients in Northern California. He is respected in the community for his integrity, aggressive representation, and successful case outcomes.

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