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Nicholas K. Lowe, Esq.

Compassionate Personal Injury Lawyer California

Nick Lowe has been practicing law for almost 39 years. The first 16 years were dedicated to defending insurance companies. The past 23 years have been dedicated to handling personal injury and wrongful death cases.

His Vast Experience & Expertise Can Help You Win Your Case

Nick Lowe is now acting as a mediator on a variety of cases. His experience on both the defense and the plaintiff’s side uniquely qualifies him to resolve cases. He recognizes the cost of litigation and is able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each side in a dispute.

High Percentage of Resolution In Cases

Since 2014, he has been able to resolve over 90% of the cases brought to him. The subject areas have included personal injury, wrongful death, employment cases, real estate matters and civil rights cases against public entities. Nick Lowe is now taking the same effort he expended in the courtroom to settle your cases before you have.

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