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How Do Attorneys Receive Payment In Bicycle Accident Cases?

This is a contingency. We advance all the costs of the case, which include filing the lawsuit, serving the lawsuit, subpoenaing records, subpoenaing witnesses, deposition fees, and expert fees. The expert fees are generally the most expensive. We might hire an expert to analyze whose fault it was, someone like an accident reconstruction expert. Then, we might have a doctor testify about the injury sustained in the accident.

We advance all the costs. When the case settles, we repay ourselves our out-of-pocket costs. This isn’t our time, but our costs. Then, after the costs, we take a percentage for our fee. The balance goes to the client.

We do this the same way for every case. The client is given a fee agreement when they sign up. This way, they know exactly what the fee will be. At the end, they’re given an accounting, which shows all the costs, the fee, any medical liens that must be repaid, and the net to the client.

Do You Think People Often Hesitate To Retain A Lawyer Because They Believe it’s Expensive?

Yes. Some percentage of the public thinks they must pay for the attorney. They think it will cost them a lot of money. However, it costs them nothing.

Often, people will say, “I am not sue-happy. I am not one of those people.” I always find this interesting because we all pay a good deal of money for insurance and insurance is there to pay for claims when we make a mistake. When I blow a red light, run into you, and hurt you, my insurance company is there to pay for that and protect me. Thusly, we pay for this service.

When insurance companies pay you money, they don’t give you anything; they’re paying you for an injury you’ve sustained. You never make money. We try to make our clients whole again, but you don’t make money on a lawsuit. You get paid for what you went through and go through.

I always find it interesting that people say they’re not sue-happy. We all buy insurance to cover this eventuality. This really reflects a lot of commercials and news articles that the insurance industry has put forth, making people think that it’s somehow bad to bring a claim. They think it’s somehow dishonest or fraudulent when, in fact, it isn’t.

Do I Really Need an Attorney For a Bicycle Accident, or Will Insurance Handle Everything?

The insurance company that you make the claim against is the opposite side; they’re not on your side. Thusly, there is a fallacy in the thinking that the insurance company is there to take care of you.

Insurance companies are there to take care of the person who was negligent and caused the accident. They want to get them out of the case as cheaply as possible. This is the role of the insurance company. You can’t think that the insurance company will take care of you because that is not their job.

You do need an attorney. An analysis of liability and comparative fault must be made. Then, you must note the value of the case. Most of the public hasn’t a clue of the value of their cases.

Statistically, we receive much better settlements with lawyers than without. This is because insurance companies know that the average citizen does not know the value of his or her case. They get lower settlements for them.

How Long Should I Wait to Seek Medical Attention After A Bicycle Accident?

You should do what you feel is necessary to make yourself better. Once you see an attorney, we can give recommendations on what type of doctor might be best suited for you. We can give recommendations for what doctor might be best to help present your claim.

However, the number one concern of the client should be getting better. Usually, they’ve gone to the hospital, to their doctor, to therapy, and they’re on the process of recovery before they see an attorney. If they’re able to contact us, we would rather get in the case earlier rather than later. If we’re in the case earlier, we still allow the client to determine his medical treatment. If the client needs help, we can give him help.

How Long Do Bicycle Accident Cases Generally Take To Resolve?

These cases take the same length of time as any other case. From accident to resolution, this could take somewhere in the range of 1 to 3 years. This depends on how quickly you file a lawsuit if you have to file one. Once you file the lawsuit, it’s typically resolved within a couple of years.

The easier or simpler cases are settled more quickly. The more complex or significant cases usually take longer. In broad terms, this could take 1 to 3 years.

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