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Common Questions and Answers About Injury Cases

Question number one is often about whether there’s a particular injury that happens most, here in California. The closest things to us are the ski resorts, so that gives you a big hint! There are a lot of ski injuries but we have assumption of the risk and you rarely can find an injury claim that’s viable. This isn’t specific to Sacramento or California but there is a fair amount of ongoing construction cases; accident cases are typically the biggest cases.

Is There a Specific Time of Day that Auto Accidents Occur?

No. They happen at all hours. When you see an accident that happens after 10 or 11 at night and after midnight, there’s a high frequency of drinking and/or drugs involved. A lot of our bad accidents are late at night and high volume of accidents is during commute time. The third part of that answer would be during bad weather; people don’t slow down and it’s raining. We see a high frequency or a high volume then.

Does the Alcohol or Drug Factor Complicate the Case Further?

Assuming that your client is not drinking or using drugs, it actually helps the case because there is an aggravation factor that goes into the evaluation. Our courts and our juries are tired of people drinking and driving. They tend to be angry at them and they tend to award larger verdicts.

Do You See a Lot of Burn Injuries?

We see a fair number of burn injuries. Certainly, there are burn cases that derive from auto accidents. We have the occasional explosion type case whether somebody is transporting a flammable liquid or frequently on a construction site. In air crashes, burns are huge factor, airplanes and helicopters. Fortunately for the world, they’re not that frequent but we do see them.

What Sort of Personal Injury Cases Do You Usually See That Involves Children?

I had a recent case involving a child and that was a dog bite case. Children, because of their size, can be at ground level with pets, primarily dogs; and kids don’t have the same caution and care that adults gain. So we see a lot of dog bites on children right on their face and that’s ugly!

Children are involved in car accidents of course. I’ve seen cases recently for Special Education Children who are either being mistreated at school by school personnel or where other Special Ed kids are assaulting them. A couple of cases I’ve had recently involved sexual assault. These kids are all severely challenged kids and the case is against the school district for not monitoring these kids and allowing one to assault the other.

There was a case where a school bus for handicapped kids or Special Ed kids was transporting them and 3 boys in the back of the bus assaulted an autistic child. These kids are all 8, 9 and 10 years old; they don’t really know what they’re doing but they’re touching them in inappropriate places and there’s a sense of trust and self-esteem that’s destroyed when these things happen.

In this particular case, the case was against the school bus driver for not paying attention and these kids are supposed to be seat-belted in and sitting on their seats and they’re running wild on the back of the bus.

Do Parents Find Out First or Is it Reported by the Teachers? What Usually Happens?

It depends on the severely handicapped kids. They can’t necessarily tell their parents what happened. In the case I just referenced, one of the kids took the fire hydrant off the bracket. The driver then became aware that these kids weren’t in their seats. The school buses have cameras and they looked at the cameras.

They saw what was going on and the school notified the children’s parents, which they’re supposed to do, and then it developed from there. There are occasions where disabled kids will tell their parents so and so did something and then the parents look into it and the school looks into it and it comes out.

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